Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Love is everywhere

It can be found here and there

But it cannot be felt by anyone

Unless you have found your only one

Sometimes young lovers last forever

Especially if they are sincere with each other

It doesn't require a four-year course

But just simply get in when you open your door

Friends in love may lead to become lovers

they say love in second time around is much sweeter

But I believe, it depends upon the persons emotion

If he truly feels or just infatuation

Love can make a stronger

Sometimes it can even make one's life shorter

But it depends on how you handle it

If you think you're right, go on and fight for it!


How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

To know what true love means?

To feel that he's finally caught up in this crazy game?

How long does sorrow stays up with a person?

Broken heartedness, depressions and rejections?

Unwanted and Empty!

How long does it takes for happiness to find its way on me?

Sorrowfree, uplifted and loved?

Cared and cherished!

How Long will it take to find the answer to all our questions?

All our querries and fears?

Well never know till we'll search for our selves.

Monday, March 30, 2009


There was once in my life
When I thought earth is like heaven
But things change so sudden
Darkness starts to cover my light

Tell me how can I spell joy;
Which means loosing you?
Then how can I spell happiness,
If I have to learn to leave without you!

How do you prove "I love you",
Is it in the sense of letting you?
Then how will I be without you,
If every seconds your thought's with me?


The first time I met you

I felt something new

I couldn't hardly descri'be my emotions

But you throw away all my depressions

Oh how I longed for someone like you

Down to earth, understanding and always at peace

Ive so much to say, listen I'm on my knees

I want to thank you for your friendship that is so true.


We've been a prisoners of sorrow

Through your eyes it shows

Days pass by loneliness grows

Say you'll stay, but I know

Before I start to cry

Let me ask you a one more try

Before you say good bye

Say I'm living a lie

Sometimes I wish time will stop

And keep our memories look

But before you ever go

I still love you.


G - Graduation Day is coming near and I can't help but shed a tear
O - Others say "Thanks God I finally made it; and now I can almost achieve it!"
O - On the other side, some good friends are lonely 'cause they are going to live separately
D - Deep wounds would be created those happy moments can never be repeated
B - Beautiful and Sad Memories are unforgettable It's a wonderful story after all
Y - Years of fun and sorrow are treasured the pain that are beared can never be cured
E - Each day without you has nothing new until the day I'll meet you again.